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  • How much does the trailer weigh?
    Base trailer no options is about 330lbs And full load is closer to 365lbs
  • How large of a motorcycle do I need?
    We recommend a minimum of 800cc and of course a larger motorcycle will handle it easier
  • Do the trailers have brakes?
    No, when pulling with a motorcycle, trailer brakes can actually cause a loss of traction in certain situations And when pulling one with a car or truck, the vehicle will easily hold the trailer back
  • If pulling with a trike or bike do I need a swivel hitch?
    Again, no We’ve done a lot of testing, including our own trips with and without a swivel hitch We feel the trailers pull better without the swivel hitch and under normal the standard hitch has plenty of flex clearance
  • Can I add options after I purchase the trailer?
    Absolutely!! And we carry most options in stock!
  • Is it really that easy to set up?
    Uhh huh Sure is, after a few times you’ll take literally a few minutes start to end! Check out our set up video!
  • Who is Willie?
    Willie is a pet name for Christine (boss lady) when she is on bike trips!


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